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2018-07-12 09.40.01

2007 Toro Z597 Diesel ZTR Rotary Mower Model # 72469 with 916 hours, 72″ turbo force side discharge deck, 3 cylinder 27hp daihatsu liquid cooled diesel engine, foam fill no flat front tires. Belts are good, blades sharpened and mower just serviced with all new oils and filters. Mower came off the county with great maintenance program. Toro parts are readily available. Mower ready to cut. $5,495.00

2018-06-25 13.57.06

2007 Toro Workman 3200 Gas Utility Vehicle 2wd Model 07361 with 2819 hours, 32hp briggs & stratton vanguard 3 cylinder liquid cooled engine, hydraulic dump bed, 3 speed hi/low differential lock, hi flow hydraulic system, front lights, rear hitch, ROPS with sun roof, 4 new tires, new seats, dump bed in excellent condition. Workman just serviced with all new oils, filters. Ready to work. $8,995.00

2018-03-31 16.15.16

2009 Toro Greensmaster 3150Q Gas Triplex Greens Tee Mower Model # 04357 with 1739 Hours, Light Kit, 8 Bladed DPA Reels with 80% Reel Life, 18hp Briggs and Stratton Air Cooled V-Twin Engine and Grass Catchers. This 2009 Toro 3150Q is in Great Condition. The Mower comes off a small private golf course with great maintenance program. Mower just serviced with all new oils and filters, ready to cut. It will be a great mower for any Golf Course, Sports Field or Individual. $7,995.00

2017-12-27 13.45.43

Toro Network 8000 Satellite 32 Channel Complete Irrigation Boxes. All Boxes were working at the time the golf course removed them. 23 Available. $450 ea.

2018-04-18 13.37.55

Yanmar 3 Cylinder 43hp Turbo Charged Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine Model 3TNV84HT-BJFM with 3107 hours. Comes with radiator, muffler, alternator, starter and air filter box. This Yanmar diesel engine came out of a 2009 John Deere 8800 Terrain Cut Rotary Mower. Diesel engine runs and works good. Copy and paste YouTube link  to see engine running. $1,995.00 SOLD

2018-03-27 13.31.08

Set of 3 Toro Triplex Greens Rollers. Fits on Toro Greens Mower 3000 Series. Good Condition. $650

2018-06-12 13.28.11

2010 Toro Multi Pro 1200 Gas Sprayer with 1804 hours, 175 gallon low profile tank, foam marker, power steering, front lights, Toro pro controller monitor, agitation, triangular truss style booms. Great condition, ready to spray. $8,500.00 SOLD

2018-03-31 15.23.19

2010 Toro Sand Pro 2020 Sand Trap Rake 2wd Model # 08884 with 2336 hours, front plow, rear tooth rake and 3 new tires. Just serviced with all new oils and filters. Very Good Condition. Ready to Work. $3,995.00 SOLD

2018-02-09 15.06.41

2011 Toro Flex 21 Gas Walking Greens Mower Model 04024 with 1565 hours, 14 bladed reel, 80% reel life, transport wheels, grasscatcher, lights, brush, kawasaki 3.7hp gas engine. Mower serviced, sharpened and ready to cut. $1,250.00 SOLD

2017-12-27 13.43.29

5 John Deere 7 Bladed 5″ Diameter Reels with 80% Reel Life. These reels will fit John Deere 3215A Fairway Mower, John Deere 2500A Greens/Tee Mower. Also comes with the counter weights as seen in picture. All 5 Reels are in great shape, ready to be installed on your mower. $575.00 for all 5 Reels. SOLD

2018-04-06 14.17.34

Dakota 410 Turf Tender Self Contained Tow Behind Topdresser with 11hp honda engine, chevron belt, dual spinner system and cable remote. Hopper capacity is 27 cubic foot heaped. Topdresser is in good condition and just serviced with all new oils, filters. Ready to work. Visit for all the specs. $4,995.00 SOLD

2018-02-09 12.44.32

Used Spyker Electric Spreader with Hopper Extension, Electric Motor, 3pt Hitch Attachment, On/Off Speed Control Box. Will hold up to 120 lbs of material. Runs and works great. $275 SOLD

2018-03-27 13.36.05

Set of 3 Agrimetal Greens Rollers. Fits John Deere 2500 Triplex Series. Good Condition. $650 SOLD

2018-01-09 12.41.58

2009 John Deere 8800 Diesel 4wd Terrian Cut 5 Deck Rotary Mower with 3107 hours, sun roof, 5 new cutting blades. $9,500.00 SOLD

2018-03-19 14.07.19

2004 Toro Workman 3200 Gas Utility Vehicle 2wd Model 07360 with 3255 hours, 32hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 3 cylinder liquid cooled engine, hydraulic dump bed, 3 speed hi/low differential lock, front lights, rear hitch and ROPS. Runs and works good. $4,250.00 SOLD

2018-01-28 14.11.52

2009 Tycrop Propass 200 Spinner Self Contained Topdresser with wired remote, 11hp honda engine, 6 new paddles on spinners. This topdresser can be pulled with any kind of utility vehicle or tractor. Does not need hydraulic or pto. Just crank engine on topdresser and go to work. The wired remote controls conveyor belt and spinners. Belt in great shape. Topdresser has few dings and scratches from normal use. This topdresser is in excellent condition and just serviced ready to go. Parts are readily available from  $6,895.00 SOLD

2018-01-31 09.34.19

2004 Toro Reelmaster 5 Gang Reel Mower Hydraulic Transport Frame Model # 33455 with 7 Bladed Reels, 70% Reelife. Bedknives and Bearings are all in good condition. Mower has some surface rust, dings and scratches from normal use and will not hurt the performance of the Mower. Frame and Reels are year 2004. Mower ready to cut. $3,995.00 SOLD

2017-10-30 12.06.03

2000 Soil Reliever SR 60 Deep Tine Aerator. Comes with 8″ long 1″ diameter side eject coring tines and hydraulic depth cylinder. Aerator ready to work. Toro purchased Soil Reliever and now called Toro Procore SR Model. Parts readily available. This Aerator was only used at a private college for use on there sports fields. $3,550.00 SOLD

2018-02-27 11.48.57

2003 John Deere 1435 Diesel 2wd 72″ Front Deck Rotary Mower with 2124 hours, ROPS, power steering, hydraulic deck lift. Mower has some dings, scratches and surface rust from normal use. Runs, works and ready to cut. $3,850.00 SOLD

2018-01-08 13.37.40

2010 Toro Greensmaster 3150Q Gas Triplex Greens Tee Mower Model # 04357 with 1140 Hours, Light Kit, 11 Bladed DPA Reels with GROOMERS, 100% Reel Life, 18hp Briggs and Stratton Air Cooled V-Twin Engine and Grass Catchers. All 3 reels just replaced with new reels and bedknives. Great Condition. $9,495.00 SOLD

2018-02-15 11.10.27

2005 Salsco 36″ Wide Greens Roller Model 09055 with Trailer, 9 hp electric start Honda engine, hydrostatic drive. Pump is good and strong. Sprockets and chains are in great shape and Greens Roller is very fast. Other than some cosmetic this Greens Roller is in good condition. $1,250.00 SOLD

2018-01-31 11.06.08

2006 Toro Reelmaster 6500-D 2wd Fairway Mower Model 03806 with 2146 hours, 11 bladed reels, 70% reelife, power steering, hydrostatic drive, Kubota liquid cooled diesel engine V1505 turbo charged 42hp at 3000 rpm. This Mower is in good condition. Has some surface rust, dings, scratches and will not hurt the performance of the Mower. Mower is ready to cut. Parts are readily available at $4,995.00 SOLD

2018-01-17 15.17.48

2005 Kubota L3830 Diesel 2wd 38hp Tractor with 5401 hours, 3pt. Hitch, PTO, Power Steering, Sun Roof and Turf Tires. Transmission is GST glide shift 12 gears forward and 8 reverse. Tractor starts right up, all functions work. Has some rust on fenders and hood. $3,895.00 SOLD

2017-12-26 15.38.05

2007 Toro Sand Pro 3040 Sand Trap Rake 3wd Model 08703 with 2095 hours, front plow, rear tooth rake, quick attach system and new seat. The rear tooth rake is a year 2011 and in great condition. This sand rake is powered by Briggs & Stratton 2 cylinder v-twin air cooled engine. Just serviced with all new oils and filters. This 2007 Toro Sand Rake is in good condition and ready to work. $4,895.00 SOLD

2017-12-27 13.48.00

Toro Sand Pro Finish Grader 66″ Box Blade Model 08867 with flip down Scarifier . It attaches to a Toro Sand Pro Model 2020, 3020, 5020 or you can fabricate this box blade and fit it on anything you want. This box blade is in excellent condition, ready to work. $1,200.00 SOLD

2017-12-27 13.42.16

Thatch Master TM60 3pt Hitch PTO Drive 60″ Verticutting Unit. This unit was used very little, is in great condition and ready to work. Will be great for golf course, athletic fields or landscaper taking care of large fine turf areas. $2,895.00 SOLD

2017-10-25 12.05.58

2013 Toro Grounsmaster 3500-D Sidewinder 3wd Rotary Mower Model 30839N with 1848 Hours, 35hp Turbo Charged Kubota Diesel Engine, Sun Roof, Light Kit, New Cutting Blades. This Mower is in Great Condition. Mower just serviced with all New Oils, Filters and Ready to Cut. $12,750.00 SOLD


2008 Progressive Pro Flex 120 Tow Behind PTO Drive 5 Deck Rotary Mower in Good Working Condition. We just installed all New Belts and Cutting Blades. $4,895.00 SOLD


2008 Toro Procore 1298 Model 09716 Aerator, 3pt Hitch Cat 2, 98″ Aeration Swath, Precision Balanced Coring Head, Comes with 3/4″ Tine Holders. You will need Tractor size 45hp or more and minimum 50 PTO HP to run this Aerator. Excellent Shape. Visit for all the specs on this Aerator. $14,995.00 SOLD


2008 Toro Reelmaster 5510 Diesel 2wd Fairway Mower Model 03680 with 2772 Hours, 8 Bladed DPA Reels, 70% Reel Life, 35.5hp Kubota 4 Cylinder Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine, Power Steering, Hydrostatic Drive and On Board Backlapping. $8,275.00 SOLD


2008 Pequea GT-100 Self Contained Tow Behind Spinner Topdresser, Powered by 13hp Honda Gas Engine with Electric Start, Topdresser Spreader Application up to 30ft Wide Heavy to Light, Hopper Capacity 28 Cubic Feet. This Topdresser is in Great Condition, Like New Spinner Paddles, Just Serviced, Has some Dings and Scratches from normal use and is Ready to Work. $3,975.00 SOLD


2004 Buffalo Turbine Model KB2 Leaf Debris Blower with 23hp Kohler Gas Engine, Wired Control that Controls the Throttle and the Spout in the Back. You can tow this Blower with a Golf Cart, Utility Vehicle, ATV, Tractor. This Blower was put into service at the Golf Course in 2005. $2,895.00 SOLD